Y-strainers are named so as they are shaped like the alphabet, “Y”. They help in straining out particulates from liquid, gas, or steam by means of a wire mesh or a perforated metal. Y Strainers can be cleaned using blow off valves fit on the Y side without interrupting flow. The Y-shaped configuration aids in the easy flowing of fluids as there is less chance for the change of direction of the fluid flow.

Y strainers can be installed both vertically and horizontally but care should be taken to insure that the screening element or leg is at the bottom of the strainer body so that the entrapped solids are properly collected for disposal. Y strainers protect expensive pipe components like turbines, meters, condensers, spray nozzles, pumps, heat exchangers, and steam traps from being damaged.

We offer Y-strainers with variety of end connections, including threaded, flanged, and welded. These strainers are available in stainless steel, cast steel, bronze, chrome-moly, ductile iron, and cast Iron. They are configured with pressure ratings from ANSI 125# through ANSI 2500#. These are used in petrochemical, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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