Duplex Strainers

Duplex strainers feature two inline basket chambers and bubble-tight shut off valves. The strainers are installed parallel to the valves so that the flow could be switched between the strainers.

Duplex strainers remove particulate matter continuously without the need to shut down the equipment. When one strainer is filled with contaminants, the contaminant flow is switched to the other while the first one is removed for cleaning and the other strainer is ready for particulate collection. The flow from the second one can later be diverted to the first one which is ready for collection after being cleaned or serviced.

Duplex strainers are highly economical as we could fabricate them in any size and material of your choice and in threaded and flanged connections. Our duplex strainers are designed to run stable even in high pressure and temperature. Duplex strainers are widely used in almost all the industries, especially in applications involving the removal of huge solid particles. These are highly preferable for use in negative head pump suction systems.

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