Automatic Strainers

Our automatic strainers are specially designed for the continuous removal of suspended solids from any type of liquid — water, acid, oil, and sewage. They are used in plants that strain fresh, brackish, or salty water and in applications involving cooling, process, fire protection, etc. Our strainers feature a screen, a motor, a spring-loaded blade, a brush system, and a blow-down timer. The spring-loaded automatic control system keeps the blade and screen in continuous contact with the screen.

Large solid particles are removed by the blade while the smaller ones are swept away by the brush. The blow-down timer helps in the timely expulsion of debris that is collected at the bottom of the strainer vessel. Strainer vessels come with nozzles that are provided at the top and bottom of the unit. Our strainers comply with the ANSI and ASME Section VIII, Division 1 specification and you can count on their reliability.

Our strainers are capable of removing particles that are as small as 75 microns and as large as 150 mm. They protect pumps, nozzles, and heat exchangers and enhance blast furnace cooling. They find their application in primary metal, process, and power industries and in applications involving the treatment of pulp and sewage or waste water.

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